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Fire Sale Props

We have a number of reconditioned stainless propellers that are rare, unusual, left handed, or just plain hard to sell.  This section of the website will include some pictures and a suggested price for some of these props.  If you can find a home for one of these props, you might look in this section from time to time, I will rotate them in an out as time passes.  All of these props are in very good condition, every one I would consider putting on my own boat, no junk, but Cheeeeep, Cheeeep.

15.5×25 LH Hydromotive Q4 solid hub small shaft Polished A1 condition $100.00DSC00506

14.5×25 LH Mercury Mirage rubber hub small shaft Polished A1 condition $100.00DSC00508

13.75×26 RH Lazer II V4 or V6 rubber hub small shaft Polished As New $129.00DSC00511

14.5×24 Mach LH Chopper NEW, never on a boat  Brush finish $100.00 small shaftDSC00510